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Wastewater System

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Because Winder is divided by a substantial ridgeline, the system includes two different wastewater treatment facilities: the Cedar Creek Facility, which serves the area north of the Seabord Railroad Line, and the Marburg Creek Facility, which serves the area south of this line.

The Cedar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in 2008 and features state of the art technology to treat 4 million gallons per day (gpd), replacing the previous 1.65 million gpd spray irrigation (land application) facility. The high quality effluent from this plant is now discharged into Cedar Creek.

The Marburg Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in 2000 and can treat 1.5 million gallons per day. The effluent from the plant can be discharged into Marburg Creek, sprayed on city-owned dedicated spray fields, or used to provide irrigation water for non-agricultural uses. Currently, the Chimneys Golf Course and the Barrow County Recreation Department are using this reuse water for this purpose. The Marburg Creek treatment facility is one of the few totally enclosed wastewater treatment plants in the state.

The system currently supports over 5100 connections and is comprised of over 95 miles of sewer main.

The City of Winder regularly provides tours of our facilities. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in scheduling a tour.