Please note that the bills sent out for September 30, 2018 with a due date of October 15, 2018 were duplicates of the August bills. We apologize for the error in sending a duplicate bill. Due to this error, customers will not receive a penalty for their September bill.
We appreciate your understanding during this time. Feel free to contact customer service with any questions or concerns.

Regulatory Fees

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Updated April 2017


Regulatory Fee

Carnivals, circuses and fairs $100.00/Day
*Malt beverage sales (package or on-premises) $500.00/Year
*Wine sales (package or on-premises) $500.00/Year
*Liquor sales (package) $5,000.00/Year
*Liquor sales (on-premises) $2,500.00/Year
Auctioneer $200.00/Year
*Peddlers of all other products, regulatory fee per individual peddler $200.00/Year
Taxicab and limousine operators $200.00/Vehicle/Year
Firearm ranges $200.00/Year
Firearms dealers $400.00/Year
Massage establishment $400.00/Year
Automotive salvage yard
Game rooms/pool halls $600.00/Year
Dealers in gold, silver and precious metals $600.00/Year
Fortune tellers/palm readers $600.00/Year
Tobacco retailer $600.00/Year
*Adult entertainment and sexually oriented business
*Boarding house $1,200.00/Year
Tattoo artist and/or body piercing establishments
Impound lots $1,200.00/Year
Flea market $1,200.00/Year
Pain clinic $1,200.00/Year
Escort services $1,200.00/Year
Pawnbrokers/title loan $1,200.00/Year
Recycling/repurposing center
 Scrap metal salvage dealers $1,200.00/Year

* Requires City Council Approval