PARADE UPDATE: Unfortunately, the weather forecast has gotten worse for both temperature and precipitation and we are not going to be able to have our Christmas parade on December 8th as originally planned. We are, however, working with GDOT to get approval to reschedule the parade. The reschedule date is next Saturday, December 15th at 2pm. Thank you for understanding!

Occupation Tax

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The tax rate determined by the number of employees for each business, trade, profession or occupation is as follows, and will be developed and updated from time to time by the Winder City Administrator. This rate is based on the maximum number of employees associated with each business.

Number Of Employees

Tax Liability

0 - 5 $   165.00
6 - 10 $   250.00
11 - 20 $   500.00
21 - 30 $   750.00
31 - 50 $1,000.00
51 + $1,500.00

An Occupational Tax of $75.00 shall be established for those businesses and professions recognized under APPENDIX A - COMPREHENSIVE ZONING ORDINANCE, Article V. Sec. 58. - Home occupations.