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 The Winder Fire Department Operations is responsible for answering emergency calls within the city limits of Winder.  The department responds to more than 2000 emergency calls annually. 

OPERATIONS consist of two fire stations, three engine companies, one ladder truck, two rescue trucks, an air trailer, one ATV, one boat, and seven support vehicles.

 The Winder Fire Department Training Center consist of the Training Officer's Office, Burn Building, and Rescue/Recovery Building. 


IMG_9831   Winder Fire Station 1 

Named for Former Mayor John O. Mobley (90 North Broad Street) 


        IMG_9617    Winder Fire Station 2

Named for Former Councilmember Charlie Eberhart (492 Loganville Highway)


IMG_22321212  Winder Fire Department Training Center

256 Fire Tower Road


IMG_0076   Winder Engine 1     2014 E-One 1500 Pumper



IMG_5271   Winder Engine 2       2005 Sutphen 1500 GPM Pumper



 IMG_8075   Winder Engine 1A       1986 E-One 1250 GPM Pumper




 IMG_8124   Winder Ladder 1      2008 E-One Ladder Truck  75 Ft. Aerial



IMG_6105   Winder Rescue 1     2019 Custom Truck and Body Ford F-550 Rescue Truck



IMG_5298   Winder Rescue 2    2016 Hackney Ford F-550 Rescue Truck



IMG_2176   Winder Boat 2    1988 Travelers Boat



IMG_6922    Winder ATV 2     2014 Polaris



IMG_8231   Air Trailer       Mobile Breathing Air System Trailer



IMG_9729   1940 Peter Pirsch Fire Truck



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