PARADE UPDATE: Unfortunately, the weather forecast has gotten worse for both temperature and precipitation and we are not going to be able to have our Christmas parade this weekend. We are, however, working with GDOT to get approval to reschedule the parade. The pending reschedule date is next Saturday, December 15th at 2pm. The forecast that day is sunny and a high in the low 50s. Thank you for understanding!


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 Backflow & Cross Connection Control

Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention provides protection of our drinking water system from the introduction of contaminates and pollutants into our potable water system.  Backflow is the reversal of flow in a potable water distribution piping system as a result of a cross connection. 

The City of Winder requires annual inspection and testing of all commercial backflow devices from a State of Georgia certified tester with test results forwarded to our Cross Connection Control Technician. 


  • Brochures:

Backflow Prevention-Safeguard Your Water

Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control

Backflow Prevention 2 Way Proposition


 Contact:  Jeff Collins, Cross Connection Control Program Manager

                   770-867-7978 extension 6524 or