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Sonny Morris

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    Email: sonny.morris@cityofwinder.comSonny Morris
    First Elected: 10/01/1986
    Ward: Ward 1

    Committees Served

    Finance & Benefits (Chair)

    Utilities and Stormwater


For more than 70 years, Sonny has called Winder his home, and since 1986, Sonny Morris has been serving the City of Winder as councilman. Throughout his tenure, Sonny has helped to build Winder to its current state as a “City of Opportunity,” and with his hard work and dedication to his community has also been elected as mayor pro tem. Twenty-eight years ago, Sonny made a choice: “To help make Winder a better place to raise a family, to work and to worship,” and has been doing just that.

Sonny is considered a leader; seizing opportunities and looking for ways to grow both as an individual and as a council member. His leadership skills and keen sense of prospecting an opportunity paid off in his early career as he played both minor league and professional baseball—as a Cleveland Indian and a Chicago White Sox. After a sports-related injury, Sonny left baseball and later retired from Scientific Atlanta, Inc. as the company’s purchasing and material manager.

Aside from Sonny’s passion as council member, he keeps busy with his five grandchildren and his son, Bart, and daughter, Lisa. He also enjoys playing golf (you’ll see him quite a bit at Chimney’s Golf Course!) and spending time with his family. Every once in a while, though, you may find him indoors during football season instead of on the golf course. Above all, Sonny displays a great deal of gratitude for his wife of more than 50 years, Janet, and considers her his motivator and biggest supporter.