Due to unforeseen circumstances, the City of Winder has been having computer/email issues throughout the past week. We are diligently working to correct the problem. Emails which have been sent to any city employee may not have been received which include open records requests, customer service, municipal court or city hall.

For New Service or to Discontinue Service, please call a Customer Service Representative directly at (770) 867-3106 or (770) 867-2156. You may also call that number to reach any department.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to have the issue corrected very soon.


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Finance & Benefits Committee Meeting

The Finance Committee's purpose is to assist the City Council in carrying out its oversight and improvement responsibilities as they relate to providing employee benefits and the City's financial status. The Committee is also responsible to review internal controls, compliance with laws and regulations, and initiatives to improve the expenditures for city services.

Annual Budget & Audit                                          Administrative Contracts

Bonds and Debt                                                       Non-Profit Contributions

Purchasing Contracts                                               Workers Compensation                                          

City Banking/Investment                                         Legal Issues & Lawsuits

Multi-year Capital Improvement Program              EEOC Issues

Liability Insurance Coverage                                  City Memberships

Employee Insurance and Benefits                           Fleet Maintenance                                                                                   

Purchase and sale of property/leases                       City Elections

Franchise Agreements                                             Ordinance reviews

Salary and Retirement plan review                         City Charter review

Establishes Fiscal Policy and Internal Controls        Facilities Authority

Chimneys golf rates and capital projects               Computer systems/network